Wrapok 8 Kitchen Perforated Parchment, Bamboo Steamer Liners, Not Stick Round Baking Papers, 2 Packs, Total 100 Count

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  • Makes it easier to remove food.

  • Perforated design for steam circulation.

  • For 8-inch bamboo steamers, metal steamers or air fryers.

  • Simplifies clean up by preventing food from sticking to steamer basket.

  • Made from heat-resistant parchment paper for use with breads, dumplings and dim sum.

  • Color : Ivory

WRAPOK non stick perforated parchment paper is ideal for steeling vegetable dumplings, breads, fish and dim sum with almost no clean up.

What's the size of the parchment steaming paper?
Diameter 8 inch.
Diameter 20 cm

Are Wrapok Perforated Parchment safe to use in the oven?
Oven safe up to 420. But never touch the parchment paper to an open flame or to the sides of the oven.

Is Wrapok parchment steaming paper approved by FDA(Food and Drug Administration)?
This Perforated Parchment is FDA approved and it is made of premium quality, 100% safe material.

Is this Wrapok parchment paper moisture resistant, oil resistant, stick resistant?
Definitely, this perfect parchment paper made of grease, moisture, and stick resistant paper, therefore it makes your Steamer easy and quick to clean.

Is Wrapok parchment paper durable?
The liner is extremely durable and can handle up to 420 degrees Fahrenheit to accommodate your various baking needs.