Royal Black Plastic Mesh Produce And Seafood, 24, Package Of 100

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  • PERFECT FOR COOKING SEAFOOD! These mesh bags can be used of boiling or steaming shellfish such as clams, mussels, or crawfish. By keeping the seafood in the bag, the whole bag can be lowered into the pot. Instead of taking the time to scoop each item out after cooking, the whole bag can be removed quickly and easily. These bags are completely safe to use in boiling water.

  • HEAT-SEALED BOTTOM, OPEN TOP: Each mesh bag is heat sealed on the bottom to keep the bag shut. The top is open and does not have a tie or drawstring. Bags can be closed by tying a knot. Bags can be reused, as there is no need to cut them open!

  • MEASUREMENTS AND SIZE: The length of this product is 24. Width of this product is 8 flat, and stretches up to 14. When fully stretched, the mesh holes measure approximately .25. The quantity of bags is measured by weight

  • the quantity may varies by 5% of the advertised total.

  • CUT DOWN ON WASTE! The plastic mesh fabric of our bags ensures complete breathability. Allowing produce such as onions and potatoes to breathe helps increase their lifespan. Less food waste means more savings!

  • PERFECT FOR packaging produce, nuts, or shellfish. Ideal for independent sellers at farmers' or street markets, these bags can be quickly and efficiently filled with produce or other items. Sellers and customers will be impressed by the efficiency and ease!

Perfect for sorting and portion produce!

These mesh bags are perfect for people selling fruits and vegetables at farmers' markets. Selling items by the pound is easy with mesh bags! Simply bag and weigh items for sale to create uniform portions. Perfect for selling items typically sold by weight - eliminates the need to weigh and calculate for each customer!

Perfect for seafood boils!

Place seafood such as clams, mussels, or crawfish inside a mesh bag, and boil! This saves time because there is no need to scoop out each item after they have been cooked. Our mesh bags are completely safe to immerse in boiling water.

Durable and convenient!

The bottom of these bags are heat sealed. There is no drawstring or closure on the top. This means bags can be reused, offering you even more savings.

Pick your favorite color!

A variety of colors are available: black, blue, clear, green, orange, purple, red, teal, and yellow.

Sold by weight

Our mesh bags are sold by weight, and not exact quantities. The quantity per package may vary by up to 5 percent of the quantity stated in title.