Mayshion Premium Quad Blade Wine Bottle Foil Cutter- Opens Bottles Responsibly

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  • A PERFECT WINE ACCESSORY GIFT: The Mayshion Wine foil cutter comes in a stunning, red and silver gift box! Perfect as a unique gift for wine lovers, housewarmings, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or other parties or events.

  • Wine lovers agree this beautiful, deep black, Mayshion Wine foil cutter removes the foil top from your wine bottle effortlessly, leaving your glass bottle looking great and ready for cork removal.

  • SIMPLE TO USE FOR EVERYONE: Your wine bottle foil top will be perfectly removed with just a quick and easy quarter turn of the wrist. Easy for all adults, even those with wrist and arthritis issues. Ergonomically designed for comfort.

  • STURDY AND STRONG: The Mayshion Wine foil cutter is strong, durable and flexible and comes equipped with 4 razor-sharp, metal, rounded wheels. Perfect for home bar accessories or as gift ideas.

  • SAFE AND GUARANTEED: The foil remover is 100% guaranteed to make removing that foil from your wine bottle far simpler than using a knife or sharp edge of your wine opener, leading to safe and enjoyable, summer wine drinking! CLICK ADD TO CART!

  • Color : Black

  • Size : m0401

All of us at Mayshion Wine are honored to be a part of your foil top-removing experience with your wine bottle. Using your Mayshion Wine foil cutter is simple, easy, quick, and efficient.

Here's how to use the Mayshion Wine cutter to open your bottle of wine:

Step 1: Grasp your bottle of wine.
Step 2: Grab your new Mayshion wine foil cutter.
Step 3: Grope the neck of the wine bottle and place the Mayshion wine foil cutter on top.
Step 4: Squeeze it. (The foil cutter.)
Step 5: Twist the foil cutter, using one-quarter turn.
Step 6: Enjoy the freeing feeling of having your top taken off.

The Mayshion Wine foil cutter features a sleek ergonomic design, making your quarter-turn of your wrist effortless. Whether enjoying wine alone, hosting a wine tasting party, or doing wine shots with your college buddies, The Mayshion Wine foil cutter has your back. If you're someone who loves wine gadgets, or you're looking for wine wedding favors with an edge, we're always ready to take your top off - the wine bottle.

Now for those of you seeking a more intimate experience with your Mayshion Wine foil cutter, our deep, dark black color can take any romantic, candlelit dinner to the next level. Although we cannot guarantee what happens when you take your top off, we promise you the wine foil will be the easiest thing you took off all night.

LIFETIME WARRANTY: We always practice safe satisfaction with our customers.

LIMITED-TIME BONUS OFFER: To celebrate our new product, we're including our stunning, deep red, limited edition Mayshion Wine foil cutter gift box with your order today. For gift-giving, such as a wedding favor, women's gift, or anniversary, you'll save time not having to deal with stressful present wrapping. And that means more time to drink more wine.

- Cheers!