Joyi 6-Cavity Lovely Kangaroo Turtle Frog Hedgehog Silicone Cake Chocolate Soap Decoration Mold Random Color

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  • Material:SIlione

  • Size:29.5*17*3.5CM;Weight:140g

  • These brightly colored candy molds are made from premium, super soft FDA grade silicone and are also BPA free. They are heat resistant to 476F so you can fill them with piping hot chocolate or candy. Cleaning them is super easy, either with warm soapy water in the sink or throw them in the dishwasher!

  • These molds are flexible, non stick and easy grip. Don't worry if you accidentally hit, bump, or drop them - they are designed for durability and longevity so they won't break. Not only do these molds hold their contents stable to ensure your gummy bear treats set just right, it's also extremely easy to release them afterwards! All in all one of the best candy making tools on the market right now!

  • Whether you're baking, refrigerating or freezing these molds, they work great! As well as being excellent for making sweet treats, they can also be used as a flavoured ice cube maker and for making fun crayons, soaps, bath bombs

  • Color : random color

  • Size : 29.5*17*3.5cm