Household Rubber Latex Cleaning Gloves Pegzos Reusable Kitchen Natural Rubber Living Wash Gloves, Mother'S Day Gifts, With 3 Colors (Green, Orange, Pink) / 3 Sizes (Small, Medium, Large) (M)

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  • Authentic Natural: Material These latex gloves are made of natural rubber, which is both stain-free and odor-free. You also get the fresh, light smell of natural rubber from them, just like nature intended. The all-natural material also resists mold better than other materials. Best of all, natural latex is gentle on the skin so you will not get allergic reactions.

  • Strong and Durable: Our fantastic new household gloves resist tears and leaks even after prolonged use. These high-quality natural rubber gloves are able to be strong without being too thick. This design gives you superior control, meaning you can handle soapy, slippery and wet glassware and crockery with ease.

  • Added Grip and Narrower Wrist: Wash gloves have to be able to handle not just soapy dishes but slippery detergent bottles and smooth plastic utensils. We have added tiny gripping nubs to the surface so you can manage them all with ease. These rubber gloves also feature a narrower middle area on the wrist which ensures a snug fit and means that they only come off when you want to take them off.

  • Extra Long: Now you can forget about wet sleeves! Our reusable gloves protect not just your hands but also your wrists and forearms from water. These long cleaning gloves are just as handy whether you are cleaning and washing the dishes or tidying up the bathroom.

  • Bright and Cheery: Good quality reusable gloves will stay with you a long time, especially when they are so durable. We have designed them in a range of exciting colors so you never get tired of looking at them. Each set contains three pairs of cleaning gloves - two 13-inch (one size smaller than the regular ones) and one 15-inch ( size XL). The 13-inch gloves come in Green and Orange while the 15-inch comes in Pink. Please note that the Pink wash gloves in all sets are of the same size XL.

  • Color : Pink

  • Size : M - 7.5

Your hands need to be protected from prolonged contact with water, and from exposure to the harsh chemicals found in cleaning detergents and solutions. Whether you are washing dishes in the sink or cleaning the bathroom, the right pair of household gloves is essential for keeping your hands soft and smooth.

We designed our unique rubber gloves from scratch because we knew we had to balance durability with ease of use. If they are made too thick, it would make handling objects very difficult; if they are too thin, they can tear easily. Our solution was to use high quality latex to create our natural rubber gloves.

This allowed us to manufacture household gloves that were thin and pliable. Besides providing extreme comfort, unmatched control and incredible strength, this choice of material means that you can now use latex gloves that are resistant to mold. These rubber gloves are also puncture proof, meaning that you can use them for years without any tears and leaks.

After deciding on the very tough but slim material for these reusable gloves, we concentrated on making them safe and effective. For this, we added tiny rubber grips to the fingertips. These grips make your cleaning gloves the perfect accessory for handling glassware and other fragile objects without fear of dropping and breaking them.

The next design feature we included in our wash gloves was an extra long arm section which can be folded down to act as improvised cuffs. This design gives ample protection to your hands, wrists and forearms from water that may flow down the gloves when you are working. It also ensures that your sleeves do not get wet whether you are washing the dishes or scrubbing the bathroom.

The material for these latex gloves has been sourced from Taiwan.