H2Go Flat Bottle For Easy Portability - Travels Well By Sliding Into Bag Pockets And In-Flight Seat-Pockets (Dark Grey)

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  • Book-shaped water bottle/flask designed to fit into in-flight seat pocket, car magazine pocket, or handbag.

  • Sturdy, crack-resistant material that can withstand the rigors of travel.

  • Smooth, curved edges. Convenient, spill-free cap.

  • Dishwasher safe, and BPA free.

  • Provides that extra bit of legroom that matters to the road warrior who cares for every inch.

  • Color : Dark Gray

If you are a road warrior, you know that hydration is important to combat jet lag and travel fatigue. If you are a road warrior, you know that opening a fresh bottle of water each time you need a drink means creating a lot of plastic wastage in one journey. If you are a road warrior, you know that conventional round-shaped bottles do not fit easily in handbags, laptop bags, or the seat pockets of planes/trains automobiles that are usually designed to hold magazines. If you are a road warrior, you know that every inch of space matters in making your journey comfortable. If you a road warrior, you want H2GO. A simple solution to a basic problem -- H2GO is a book-shaped flask made with durable BPA-free plastic and designed with curved edges to conveniently hold 16 oz of water (or any liquid that you prefer for hydration) that travels easily so you can too.