La Paella

Garcima 22-Inch Pata Negra Restaurant Grade Paella Pan, 55Cm

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  • Informative pamphlet with each pan, which contains two recipes.

  • Can be used on a gas or charcoal grill, on the stovetop, or in the oven.

  • Ideal for serving 7 to 12 people.

  • Informative pamphlet with each pan, which contains two recipes and tips for perfect paella.

  • Authentic paella pan

  • Made in Spain.

  • Color : Silver

  • Size : Large

Serves 7 to 12 people. This 22-inch (55 cm) pata negra paella pan fits over a 23-inch Weber kettle grill. A stovetop with four closely-spaced burners can usually accommodate it nicely as well, but you'll need to rotate the pan during cooking. It is too large for the oven. Pata Negra is a professional quality paella pan made from an extra-thick and heavy-duty grade of carbon steel. It's a good choice for restaurant kitchens, or for home cooks who expect to give their pan a good workout. As with any carbon steel pans, these pans requires a bit of care: you must dry the pan right after washing it and then rub the inside with a little vegetable oil to prevent rusting. If the pan does ever rust, a few passes with steel wool takes it right off. The pan comes with an informative pamphlet with each pan, which contains two recipes, our tips for perfect paella, and care instructions. PAN DIMENSIONS: Bottom Diameter: 19, Top Diameter: 21.75, Diameter w/ handles: 28, Depth (outside): 2.25.