Dexas Dual Blade Mezzaluna, Green

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  • Mezzaluna measures 7.5 inches long and 4.75 inches wide

  • Dual blades for quickly chopping salad, herbs and vegetables

  • Chop on a cutting board or in a bowl using a rocking motion

  • Soft grip, non-slip TPE handle

  • Blade are made from durable ABS plastic

  • Color : Green

The Mezzaluna by Dexas features dual blades and allow the use to use a rocking motion to quickly chop herbs, salad and vegetables. The unique shape can be used on a cutting board or in a bowl. The handle features a soft grip TPE construction and the blades are made from high-impact ABS plastic, which is gentler for cutting directly in bowls. Simple care: hand wash with warm soapy water.