Cute Egg Mold | Super Adorable Egg Molds For Medium/Large Eggs And Any Moldable Food | Extremely Durable Non Toxic Abs | Effortless To Use And Clean | Set Of 6 (Baby Bear, Cute Rabbit, Mini Car, Little Star, Love, And Ocean Fish) | 810

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  • The Eggstraordinary Way to Enjoy Your Eggs - Mold your eggs into fun shapes and pack your own delightful bento box! Each set contains 6 molds of Baby Bear, Cute Rabbit, Mini Car, Little Star, Love, and Ocean Fish that will come out perfectly defined. A great way to get your children to eat hard-boiled eggs!

  • Perfectly Molded Eggs in a Snap - Put a hot or warm peeled hard-boiled egg in the center of the mold and click the lid shut securely. Don't get nervous if the egg white squishes out at the sides. Put the whole thing in a bowl of cold water, and leave it for about 10 minutes. Open the mold, and there it is: a perfectly molded egg! You can also put some color on the eggs if you immerse them into water of food coloring for a few minutes. Super easy and fun!

  • Safe ABS Material - It is completely non-toxic, BPA free, and safe for health. It will never make your eggs taste and smell like weird plastic. These egg molds are non-stick and can handle temperatures of -4 to 248 degrees Fahrenheit just fine. With size 3.07 x 2.6 x 1.8 inches it's perfect for medium/large eggs and just right even for little hands.

  • Rinse and Go! - We recommend you to hand-wash these molds for the best care and maintenance. Just give them a good rinse with soapy water, and they will clean up well in a snap. Even after numerous washes, Cute Egg Mold (TM) will always be as great as new.

  • Get it now - Cute Egg Mold (TM) makes great stocking stuffers or gifts for beginner cook. It is also fantastic for chocolate and basically any kind of moldable food. For example, you can take advantage of these molds to shape cute rice balls with meat or tuna filling. Pack nemo onigiri into your son's lunch box, or even better, into your very macho husband's suitcase as a cute surprise. So eggciting, right? [TAGS: egg molds, hard boiled egg molds, boiled egg mold, 3d egg mold, bento egg mold]

  • Color : Multicolor

Cute Egg Mold (TM)

Put eggstra fun into your homemade bento box with adorable shaped eggs! Each set contains 6 molds (Baby Bear, Cute Rabbit, Mini Car, Little Star, Love, and Ocean Fish) which are highly detailed and perfectly defined. The dimension is 3.07 x 2.6 x 1.8 inches, so it's just perfect for medium and large eggs. These cute eggs will be the big hit among your son's preschool class. These molds are also great for any kind of moldable food. For example, you can make nemo onigiri with meat or tuna filling for your kids or husband. Go ahead and unleash the hidden artist in you!

The concept is very simple: peel the boiled egg when it is still warm and put it in the center of the mold. Close the mold firmly, make sure you close the fastener until it clicks and put the mold in the bowl of cold water. Wait for about 10 minutes. Voila! An eggcellent shaped egg in a snap. For the best result, place the big egg inside instead of small egg. Most importantly, your eggs will not taste or smell like weird plastic at all, because these molds are made of durable non-toxic ABS which is highly resistant to cold and heat from -4 to 248 degrees Fahrenheit. Be rest assured!

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