Clear2O Grf203 Gravity Replacement Filter , White

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  • Pleated filter design to maximize dirt-holding capacity and extend the time period between filter changes

  • Positive Cat-Ion filter with 50% Longer Life

  • Longer filter life (60 gallons)

  • Filters and reduces chlorine and odors

  • BPA (Bisphenol A) Free

  • Color : White

Our Clear2O GRAVITY Advanced Cat-Ion Filter is generated by grafting Nano alumina fibers onto micro glass filaments creating a non-woven filter media with a strong electropositive charge (+) that removes sub 1 micron contaminants via electro-adsorption, not just mechanical filtration. This results in SUPERIOR filtration with HIGHER flow rate and LONGER filter life as compared to granular carbon filters. Clear2O, Better Water by Design. Fits Model GRP200 series water pitcher.