Calm Mom Calming Bottles

8Oz Calming/Fidget/Time-Out Bottle - Superhero Blue

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  • Securely sealed - no leaks! (with ordinary use).

  • Captures attention with soothing glitter movement.

  • Calming clacking sound when rocked back and forth or shaken.

  • For ages 3 and up.

  • Great for fidget control!

  • Color : Blue

  • Size : 8oz

Calm Mom Calming bottles are great to calm kids and get them to focus on something besides their frustration. Great for fidget control! These often have the ability to stop a tantrum in its tracks! Sparkly attention-grabbing objects swirl in the bottle when shaken, then settle towards the bottom when put down. Bottles also contain an auditory factor - glass beads provide a soothing clacking sound when the bottle is rocked back and forth. Bottles are plastic and safe for kids, and caps are firmly affixed with glue. Common uses: Calm down for over-excited children Desk Toys Party Favors Soothing for Autism/Spectrum kids Anger-management, kids and adults Time-out timer (bottles are generally made with 3 minute settling time) Tooth-brush timer (if a shorter time is requested) Also knows as Time-Out bottles, Hush Bottles, Glitter Bottles and Sensory Bottles. One bottle - 6.9 Tall X 1.75 Wide