Kitchenedge Over The Sink Dish Drying Bamboo Rack

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  • Innovative flat drying rack from KitchenEdge. Proud to be Fulfilled by Amazon.

  • FITS YOUR STYLE. Use it either over the sink or on a drying mat next to the sink to air dry washed tableware, cookware, bakeware, cutlery and kitchen gadgets. Can also be used as a vegetable colander and prep work platform over the sink.

  • COMPLEMENTS YOUR KITCHEN DECOR. Beautiful, natural bamboo with sleek minimalist design complements most kitchen decors.

  • MAXIMIZES YOUR DRYING CAPACITY. Our innovative design holds delicate plates and other items vertically, maximizing your drying capacity over the sink with a flat drying rack design.

  • DECLUTTERS YOUR KITCHEN. Compact, flat design (18L x 12W x 1.25H) saves space and easily fits underneath sink or against the wall for convenient storage when not in use (unlike traditional wire basket drying racks). Stands vertically by itself.

  • Color : Bamboo

The KitchenEdge bamboo over the sink dish drying rack offers the perfect combination of stylish eco-friendly bamboo with the unsurpassed convenience and efficiency of a compact, flat dish drying rack placed over the sink. This unique modern design by KitchenEdge securely holds delicate plates and other items vertically, maximizing the drying capacity of this compact drying rack. Use it either over-the-sink or on a drying mat next to the sink. With dimensions of 18L x 12W x 1.25H, this space-saving dish drying rack easily fits under the sink for convenient storage when not in use.

Made entirely of high-strength moso bamboo, this drying rack can easily hold up 20 pounds. In addition to its strength, moso bamboo is widely regarded as one of the most eco-friendly materials in the world due to its unsurpassed sustainability - it grows faster than any other plant in the world - and high efficiency in converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. Our manufacturing team selects only the finest moso bamboo stalks, ensuring superior beauty, strength and quality for our products.

By KitchenEdge - Innovative design. Superior quality.

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