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Vegan Life Wooden Tofu Press - Removes Water From Tofu Block | Tofu Making Kit

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  • GET PROFESSIONAL CHEFS TYPE TOFU RESULTS IN YOUR MEALS Pressing tofu drains the right amount of water and gives it wonderful firm texture that's ready to soak up any flavors and get a much better texture for grilling and frying.

  • SUPER EASY TOFU PRESSING Say goodbye to papers, towels, books and cans and all mess to press your tofus. This Tofu presser is a time and effort saver that will help you commit to your healthy/ vegan diets.

  • ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY These Tofu Kits are made of thick solid Eco-friendly PINE wood. No plastic parts that may react with foods or easily broke. No frustrating springs or rubber bands that always tear by pressure. No knobs that are difficult to use.

  • MULTIPURPOSE TOFU PRESSER Can also be used for other kinds of cheese, like paneer, fruits, vegetables, meat. It can be used for getting excess water out of cauliflower for making healthy pizza crust with no flour or gluten.

  • EVERY TOFU LOVER SHOULD HAVE THIS PREMIUM TOFU PRESS If you are vegetarian, vegan or Asian food lover or just cutting down on your meat and diary consumption, this super tofu press is ideal for you.

  • Size : Large

Size:Large Removes water from tofu fast, providing better flavor and texture. Prior to marinating or cooking tofu, pressing your tofu using the Tofu Press allows better flavor absorption!