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Blended Waxes, Inc. Black Cheese Wax 1Lb. Block - Premium Wax For Cheese Making

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  • Wax specifically designed for cheese making; fully compliant with the FDA regulations 21 CFR 172.886 and 21CFR 178.3710 to ensure complete safety; helps seal in moisture, reduce mold and give cheese the distinctive look that can catch a shoppers eye

  • Provides long-term benefits to your products without any failings in structural integrity; more flexible and less prone to uneven coating; non-cracking

  • A low, easy-to-achieve melting point of 140 degrees Fahrenheit, give or take 5 degrees; allows you to set up and coat cheese quickly and efficiently; recommended dipping temperature consistently between 160 and 170 degrees

  • Natural versatility for different kinds of cheeses and appearances; fully refined wax with food-grade pigments in colored wax

Item Package Quantity:1 Cheese waxing is a vital procedure in the art of making delicious dairy delicacies, and the options available offer demonstrable benefits that improve cheese quality, protection, appearance and more. Made in the United States and fully comply with FDA regulations 21 CFR 172.886 and 21CFR 178.3710, this cheese wax comes with consistent quality in mind, as you can paint or dip wax onto applicable hard cheeses without having to worry about excessive cracking or thin, uneven coatings. These characteristics are vital because they will reduce mold, airborne illnesses and bacteria from infecting your cheese while its prepared for consumption. The wax, which melts at about 140 degrees and coats well between 160-170, will also trap in moisture and prevent the cheese from becoming excessively dry. You can keep the moisture from pooling by regularly turning the cheese. In case you place a big emphasis on color coordination, this wax comes in 4 colors. From the common red, cheddar and black variations. If you prefer simple and effective, clear wax is available as well. Cheese wax offers an affordable way to do plenty of coating for business or personal use, giving various cheeses the perfect quality and appearance and preserving them for healthy, safe future consumption. Since this waxs structural integrity will stay intact throughout its use, you can expect your cheese to stay attractive and delectable until it reaches the final consumer.