Torch, Butane Torch, Blow Torch -Sleek Adjustable Butane Torch By Inzaynity- Adjustable Flame, Ignition Lock, Cooking Torch, Cigar Lighter-Cigarette Lighter, Camping, Home Use, Welding, Chef, 2372 F

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  • IGNITION LOCK - Having to hold down the ignition button can hurt your finger after a while. The inZaynity torch has the ability to lock the flame in place making it so you don't have to keep holding down the ignition button when cooking on the grill, cooking in your home, or even starting a campfire!

  • ADJUSTABLE FLAME & ADJUSTABLE MULTI USE FIRE - You found the only ALL Adjustable with One hand Torch! Our torch is great for those who need different flame sizes and temperatures for anything from lighting candles to cooking meals! The inZaynity Torch also has a unique Multi Use Function to switch from Torch Fire to Lighter Style Fire!

  • SLEEK DESIGN - Our torch's (Antorcha) sleek and comfortable design is made from kirsite and zinc alloy, that allows it to be held comfortably and stand on its own when it is not in use!

  • VERY POWERFUL - Annoyed of small or weak flames from your blowtorch or lighter? Our torch will heat to 2372 Fahrenheit and will stay lit for 30 minutes non stop if fully filled, making it perfect for virtually any flame filled needs! Butane is NOT INCLUDED MUST USE LONG BUTANE NOZZLE TO FILL THE TORCH

  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We take great pride and care in manufacturing and developing only the highest quality products for our new and loyal customers! Get your inZaynity torch TODAY!

  • Color : Gold

The ONLY ALL Adjustable with ONE HAND Torch!

Tired of low lit flames on your torch? Looking for a refillable torch that will burn hotter while being
comfortable and sleek looking? You can stop looking - you found the Torch that has all the Power and Adjustability you need. Better yet; it fits and is completely useable with one hand. Leaving you with the ability to hold whatever it is you are working on in your other hand.

Here at inZaynity, we have just what you need! Our torches are perfect for any situation
where a good flame is needed whether you're camping, cooking, soldering or have any other personal needs!
Our torches flame can be adjusted bigger or smaller to change the size of the Flame as well as the Style of the Flame.
Fully flexible for going between things that need higher heat, such as cooking meats and things that need lower heats like lighting candles!

Our torch burns at 2372 Fahrenheit for over 30 min nonstop on its highest setting when fully fueled! All Torch's come shipped empty for safety reasons.
Must use a LONG BUTANE NOZZLE to fill the torch. Butane NOT INCLUDED

Strong enough for even the toughest and longest torching needs! From your classic Crme Brle
to over-the-top layer cake, searing from steaks to tomato skins, blazing shots, melting cheese, glazing ribs,lighting a campfire, your cigars and more!
Tired of buying bulky and uncomfortable to hold torches?
Thankfully, we put time into making sure that our zinc alloy torches are ready to stand up to the challenge of extreme heat while simultaneously being comfortable to handle! We put 100% into satisfying each and every new and loyal customer! Get one for you and for your favorite person the inZaynity Torch Lighter comes in an elegant Gift box dressed to impress! Gift one to your boss, client or anyone you would like to collect some bonus points with! Gift Wrapping is available.